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Lopezhouse Share Five Production Techniques Used To Create Their New Bedrock Release

Lopezhouse share five production techniques used to create their new Bedrock release

The latest selection of tracks from Lopezhouse, the Spanish duo consisting of David Lopez and Carlos Cruz from La Mancha, have been a steadfast fixture in John Digweed’s DJ sets for months now, their unique creativity always getting huge crowd responses everywhere around the globe. Their ability to amaze with their electronic compositions is second to none.

The Lopezhouse sound is vibrant, distinctive and different, and Bedrock is always committed to supporting thought-provoking experimentalists of the highest order.

Surfing those uncharted sound waves, ‘Something Is Happening’ is a hypnotic 12-minute throbbing futuristic journey, that constantly surprises and delights with twists galore. The Spanish duo’s esoteric, organic attitude also shines brightly throughout their lunar landing inspired ‘Strange Music From Dark Side Moon’.

This is forward-thinking house music at its finest, so Electronic Groove decided to delve into the process and discover what key production techniques Lopezhouse utilized to create their dynamic new release.

1. Equipment: We work on most of our tracks with these key tools: Micro Korg Synthesizer Vocoder, Fender Bass.

2. Process: When we go inside the studio, we don’t have a preconceived idea about what are we going to do, we focus on creating directly the main part and the soundtrack. Then we develop the rest: bass, pads, synths… Many times, “a pair” of notes, played by Cruz with the bass, are the starting point for a track. We don’t believe in stuff like being in a marvelous “Zen” moment of our lives, nothing could be further from the truth, we can be sure that best music comes in the “darkest” times.

3. Layout: We work with 3 pieces of software: Cubase, Reason, and Ableton. All of them are connected and Cubase is from which we get the main sound – we love its motor. For example, with Cubase, we produce the analog part, and we use Reason and Ableton for digital. Also, we love Propellerhead.

4. Mixdown: As far as how the track sounds, we usually use equalizers and external compressors, but occasionally we don’t need this because the sound that the digital process gives us is enough… it happens rarely, we always prefer the analog step.

We are never in a hurry to finish a track, we believe that it is more convenient leave it to stand for a time, “like good wine” such as we say in Spain, and we start another project in order to refresh our minds and especially to give our ears a break.

5. Mastering: Normally we master our own tracks, doing the work of the label’s engineers. Actually, we finish our track with high quality, and there have been cases that we have chosen our master before that of an engineer. Many times, labels have low budgets and they are not able to spend the amount that a good master requires. Mastering is complicated and as with everything, if you want to achieve a good result, you must devote the necessary time.

Lopezhouse’s ‘Something Is Happening’ EP is now available on Bedrock. Get your copy here.

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