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Lorenzo de Blanck – Hey Baby – Hottrax

Out now is the new release on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax by Lorenzo de Blanck, who is back on the label by popular demand after the success of his 2020 release called ‘Everyday’.

This new release is a three-track EP titled ‘Hey Baby’, and true to the Hottrax style, it’s stylish tech house with lots of bassline energy and strong percussion.

Making a name for himself as a hotly tipped producer, Lorenzo de Blanck has also featured on other influential record labels including Bedrock, Elrow Music, Moon Harbour, and Saved Records.

All three of the tracks on this EP are stand-out productions, but starting with our favorite first, we loved the vibe of ‘Take Me High’. Its funky sample adds summery warmth that will keep the dance floor heated even when the winter months arrive. Tribal congas make sure the groove keeps flowing and a techy synth line plays call and response with the bassline. It’s got a lot of different elements without sounding overwhelming and that’s always the sign of a talented producer.

‘Hey Baby’ is the release’s title track and it’s another distinctive cut that fuses numerous different focal elements including a deep bassline, female vocals, and glitchy synth line.

Quirky and full of fun is ‘Central Station’, as it’s got an interesting synth line that makes the track sound like it inflates and deflates like a balloon. Wonky and full of personality, it’s brought to life with the help of an old-school hip hop sample.

All three are stand-out tracks that have no doubt been heavily supported in Jamie Jones’ own DJ sets. Purchase your copy here.

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