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Lost Desert: “The All Day I Dream parties are a more than welcome colourful easygoing new experience”

Lost Desert is a very mysterious artist in the All Day I Dream family.

He was picked out of obscurity after Lee Burridge discovered his music while trekking through the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A fast forged friendship inevitably led to the studio, and the two of them have since released music together. 

We had the chance to speak to him prior to his Israel gig with ADID. Here’s how it went…

Electronic Groove: Hi, it’s a pleasure to chat with you. To get things started can you tell us how 2016 been so far?

Lost Desert: First of all it’s my pleasure talking to you guys. 2016 has been out of this world. It’s a writer’s/producer’s/DJ’s goal to get exposure and All Day I Dream and Get Weird opened that door for me.

Electronic Groove: How did your relationship with All Day I Dream start? Apparently you met Lee somewhere out on a trek in the Congo? Tell us more…

Lost Desert: Meeting Lee at a very edgy place where he and I were booked to play. After that we kept in touch which resulted in this wonderful collaboration.

Electronic Groove: You’ve played in several events with the ADID family. What can you tell us about the party experience?

Lost Desert: After decades of clubbing & DJing at night, with 85% of guys in front of the dj booth :-), the ADID parties are a more than welcome colourful easygoing new experience.

Electronic Groove: In terms of music, how does ADID fit into your style?

Lost Desert: Apparently my melodic style fits All Day I Dream, so I’m quite happy about finding my musical family.


Electronic Groove: On Friday you will play at Grounded Festival in Eliat. What are the expectations for playing at this exciting new festival in Israel?

Lost Desert: I just hope I don’t get lost in the desert 😉 and then things will work out fine I’m sure.

Electronic Groove: All Day I Dream have recently had their ADE debut. How was the overall experience at ADE compared to other events?

Lost Desert: Even in the never-ending party week at ADE and though it was an indoor event, the overall experience of what ADID stands for came across as dreamful as ever and the crowd was amazing as always.

Electronic Groove: What are some of your favorite 3 tracks on rotation at the moment?

Lost Desert: Lauren Ritter “Form Constant” / Leo Grünbaum “Cruxes Credo / and of course our “Lingala” [with Lee Burridge on All Day I Dream]

Electronic Groove: What do you like to listen to when you’re chilling out and unwind-ing?

Lost Desert: The sea, the forest and driving my car with the radio off.

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