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Louie Fresco returns to No.19 Music with ‘Black Wax’

Including Bas Ibellini and Shaun Reeves remixes.

Mexican producer Louie Fresco returns to Art Department’s label with a new EP entitled ‘Black Wax’, the first one on No.19 Music since 2014.

The artist has returned inspired by a house that manages to merge with other genres until achieving a unique style. This new LP features 5 tracks of deep house, futuristic deep tech and other variations full of avant-garde tabs, long drums, deep bass, and even romantic sax lines.

Louie Fresco’s ‘Black Wax’ is now available. Grab your copy here and listen below.


1. Black Wax
2. Aliens (Black Wax Pt. 2)
3. Between Boroughs
4. Black Wax (Bas Ibellini Remix)
5. Black Wax (Shaun Reeves Remix)

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