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Lubelski Releases Debut Album ‘The Universal Groove’

Lubelski releases debut album ‘The Universal Groove’

A record that represents love and union.

Lubelski has started a new chapter in his personal story with the release of his debut LP ‘The Universal Groove’. The album, which has nine tracks, was released via his own label Percomaniacs, a brand he leads alongside Rybo.

The record is strengthened by collaborations with friends of Lubelski, including vocalists Kaleena Zanders, MOONz, Rodney and Jackson Englund, as well as producers Durante, RYBO, Wyatt Marshall, Morpei and Musahi.

‘The Universal Groove’, for me, is about love. (…) We all unite under this roof of rhythms to elevate each other and find an escape from the mundanity of everyday life. This album culminates in love and all its tones and colors, whether to fall in love, love each other or show self-esteem. We are all united by the universal rhythm of house music,” says Lubelski.

Listen to the album below and purchase your digital or vinyl copy here.

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