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Luca Bacchetti – Vento EP (Endless)

After his appearance earlier this year on his Endless imprint, Luca Bacchetti is back with some deep and ecelctic grooves.

After releasing the two part Genesis EP on the imprint, the new EP, ‘Vento’ – meaning Wind – sees Bacchetti explore a marriage of atmosphere and dense groove. The title track sees a broad and dynamic track unfold gently behind a myriad of echoing effects and spatial melodies, exploring melancholia through yearning string melodies, its gentle pace and winding rhythm slowly hypnotising the listener, as it’s equally slow tempo begins to massage as occasionally, searing and driving bass stabs cut in and bring the listener back to reality.

Next up is ‘Nothing to Lose’, which is polar opposite to its predecessor. Hard, driving, oscillating bass creates a concrete ballast, with razor sharp hi hats and snares creating gilded edges. Electronic drum beats help to lift the track up – but rather than dropping into a peak time tech house slammer, Bacchetti lets it simmer, opening up his penchant for atmospherics with haunting, unsettling synth lines and dynamic, spatial soundscapes that manage to extend their reach to the dark edges of the dance floor.

On the flip, ‘The Great Wide Open’ offers the most beat driven track of the collection, with shuffling beats and mechanical, metallic bursts create a solid and unrelenting groove creating a foreboding sense of tension,l while minor chord, dystopian strings are stretched and harmonised in this dark undertow of the peak time dancefloor.

Finally, Bacchetti brings ‘The Birth of Vento’ to round off this marvellous EP. A 12 minute opus of near beatless gushes of wind, soaking up the atmospheric tomes at the heart of the EPs title track. Rushes of melody and blasts of subtle, swaying sound and melancholic strings could be filed next to a collection of film soundtracks, it’s simple yet cinematic approach wearing its heart firmly on its sleeve.

Luca Bacchetti – Vento EP (Endless) is already available to buy here.

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