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Lukas Lyrestam – Space Takes – Inside Out Records

Lukas Lyrestam – Space Takes – Inside Out Records

A definite old-school, analog vibe hangs over both tracks of Lukas Lyrestam’s new EP, ‘Space Takes’. A Swedish DJ and producer based in London, Lyrestam has fashioned this record around dreamy synths and gritty drum machines, creating a kind of odd, mutant sound that falls outside of what one usually expects from an electronic music tune.

The title track features a playful melodic line that fits in nicely with a very marked rhythm, which in turn anchors the heady pads that hover in and out of the mix. The combination of these elements results in a pleasant little tune, with a warmth that belies its purely electronic nature.

The flipside brings us ‘Drop of Truth’, which hits you instantly with its synth stabs and nervous percussion, while still managing to sound relaxed and easygoing. It gives off a kind of vintage, tropical atmosphere that recalls a beach resort from long ago: pools, cabanas and piña coladas.

‘Space Takes’ is now available on Inside Out Records. Grab your copy here.

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