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Luke Slater reworks Johannes Motschmann’s ‘Lifestream’

From neoclassical to the dance floor.

English producer Luke Slater has brought to the club the song ‘Lifestream’ by the neoclassical composer Johannes Motschmann. Known on the brit-techno scene, Slater gave the track an insistent beat under which echoes of piano and other bits of Motschmann’s original melody can be heard nostalgically.

Conceived as a story arc, Johannes Motschmann’s ‘Lifestream’ album reflects the natural cycle of all things, from birth to death. A year after its release, the German musician invited friends and collaborators to remix his music and thus create a new EP, and Luke Slater was chosen to recreate this track and bring it to the club.

Although he has been active on the scene since the early ‘90s, it is the first time that Slater has participated in a collaboration of this nature, where he took on the challenge of taking a melodic and neoclassical piece as the basis for his own creation.

Listen to ‘Johannes Motschmann – Lifestream (Luke Slater’s 7th Plain Remix)’ below. Purchase your copy here.

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