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Luuk van Dijk unveils remix packages for ‘First Contact’ album

Featuring Dusky, Elias Mazian, and more.

Photo Credit: Segraphy

 Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Luuk van Dijk has shared the drop of ‘First Contact Remixed’ Vol. 1, which compiles remixes inspired by his debut studio LP, ‘First Contact’. The new remix package is already available to stream and purchase via van Dijk’s own Dark Side Of The Sun imprint.

The first installment of two, ‘First Contact Remixed’ Vol. 1 sees Dusky taking on ‘Love You’, and Elias Mazian reimagining ‘Return Of The Gobble’, while a second part coming on June 16th will see further remixes by Jaden Thompson and Liquid Earth.

Dusky have been a major influence ever since I started playing the music I play today, and their classic UK sound was right up my alley. To have them remix ‘Love You’ is a real honour, and having them make a smashing clubby house track of it makes me super happy!” says Luuk.

“I’m also very happy to have one of Amsterdam’s most versatile and interesting artists remix ‘Return Of The Gobble’. When coming up with the idea to make a remix pack, I immediately thought Elias was the guy I wanted to represent what Dutch music culture has to offer.” he adds.

Listen to ‘First Contact Remixed’ Vol. 1 below, and purchase your copy of the record here.

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