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Mad Radio Miami: Vintage charm and musical haven

Situated in the vibrant MIMO District within the Gold Dust / Selina Motel, Mad Radio Miami is a distinctive hub for music enthusiasts, offering a fusion of vintage charm and urban energy against the backdrop of one of Miami’s canals. Redefining the Miami nightlife experience, Mad Radio presents a nuanced venue that extends beyond the ordinary.

Opening at 8 PM, the venue features a scenic outdoor lounge, providing a picturesque setting where we enjoy the music and a lovely canal view reminiscent of the renowned Club der Visionaere in Berlin. The outdoor ambiance, complemented by gently swaying palm trees and lights, sets the stage for a much-needed space for Miami locals who like to enjoy good music in an unpretentious atmosphere.

The intimate interior reveals a low roof and a custom-crafted bar, creating a small yet inviting space. The DJ booth and dance floor seamlessly connect, which is almost eye level, something we appreciate because the DJ and the crowd should be equally important. The top-tier Danley Sound Labs system enhances the auditory experience, offering crystal-clear audio.

For those seeking a reprieve, an upstairs cafe provides a Diner-like setting with a DJ and a full kitchen, offering a charming space to refuel or enjoy a drink. Convenient parking within the hotel premises ensures hassle-free access.

Reflecting on our visit to Mad Radio, local duo Atomyard back-to-back Leo Del Toro opened the night with a smooth and groovy session, setting the perfect tone for the main act. After a silky warm-up, Detroit legend Rick Wade graced the decks, delivering an inspiring deep house set that made us dance into the late hours.

Mad Radio Miami transcends being just a venue; it serves as a cultural space where vintage charm meets modern beats. Communities coalesce around the universal language of music. Whether one is a seasoned club-goer or a newcomer, the venue promises an experience that resonates. For those seeking a memorable night in Miami, Mad Radio invites for a proper exploration exploration.

Location: 7700 Biscayne Blvd, Miami / MIMO District Selina Gold Dust

For more info and future events, follow them on Instagram.

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