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Magdalena celebrates Diynamic’s 10 years

Magdalena is a regular member of the Diynamic crew and part of the label since her early days running EGO Club. Her career is moving faster than ever with an already successful radio show and a very busy schedule of worldwide gigs in some of the finest clubs around the world.

We had the chance to talk with her ahead of Diynamic’s 10 Years release.

Electronic Groove: Hi Magdalena, thanks for chatting with us. First we want to congratulate you on DIYNAMIC’s 10-year anniversary. What does this mean to you?

Magdalena:  It definitely brings me a lot of joy – to watch this small family constantly growing and gaining wonderful new members.


Electronic Groove: Can you tell us about the label’s early days, how do feel when you remember those Hamburg and EGO times?

Magdalena:  Back in the days at EGO we had a great time, it was all very cosy, compassionate and close. We made almost everything ourselves, hence the letters DIY. It was the time when Solomun, H.O.S.H., Stimming and David August were resident DJs at our little club.

I love to reminisce about one particular Xmas party, where I managed to convince the boys to play in Santa Claus costumes ha ha ha 🙂

“With having such a close connection, the artists also allowed me to get a glimpse of how they work, how they play, how they produce.  A privilege that I am very thankful for”

Electronic Groove: We’ve seen you grow as an artist and as an integral part of DIYNAMIC. How has the label’s musical environment influence you in the way you play and produce? 

 Magdalena:  Well, I was able to observe the whole growth and constant development of DIYNAMIC. Starting with the first DIY parties (which were the roots of the label even before its foundation) and the entry of each new member – I was always there. With having such a close connection, the artists also allowed me to get a glimpse of how they work, how they play, how they produce.  A privilege that I am very thankful for.

Electronic Groove: You are about to release ‘Should I Stay’. Can you share with us any details on the production process and how the EP came together? 

 Magdalena:  To me,Should I Stay’ is something very special, because it is my first  official release. I hold it very dearly, because I have had it for a while now and was never sure whether to show it to anyone… I’m glad I did now 🙂

Electronic Groove: This summer you had a successful residency at Ibiza Sonica radio. Was there a special approach for every session? 

 Magdalena:  I always look forward to coming to Ibiza Sonica Radio, it has almost become my second home now 🙂

Each week is a surprise, because I always play different stuff. Sometimes fresh house tunes, then other times a bit more straight forward tech house, or some funky groovy stuff… anything can happen!

It’s quite the challenge to play completely different tracks from last week, but I like it that way. There will be a few more shows on Ibiza Sonica, so tune in.

Electronic Groove: Some of your recent gigs include Tomorrowland, Fusion Festival and DIY reunions. Any experience you would like to share with our readers?

Magdalena:  Tomorrowland was a great experience for me. Walking up to the stage and feeling like in the Harry Potter movies 😀

Fusion Festival was definitely my highlight so far. Playing the “Turmbühne” closing from 8-10 AM was such a joy, with the sun going up and so many smiling faces. The feedback afterwards was also great, the people told me how happy my music made them, and this is the greatest compliment.

Electronic Groove: What’s next on Magdalena’s schedule?

Magdalena:  There is more stuff coming, but I can’t tell you yet. You will see very soon!

Electronic Groove: How do you visualize DIYNAMIC in the next 10 years? 

Magdalena: Lots of fun and games and exciting times are lying ahead of us.

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