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Magdalena – Opia – Warung Recordings

The German DJ and producer cements a long-standing relationship with the Warung Beach Club group.

The German DJ and producer Magdalena arrives at Warung Recordings’ catalog with her ‘Opia’ EP. The track that gives name to the EP paves the way for the beginning of a journey offered by the artist. It’s in this way, fluid and full of connection with the present moment, that the artist delivers her newest work on a platter.

Next, we have ‘Alate’, a track that excels in implementation of vocals overlaid with synths and bass solos, creating an atmosphere that compresses the body, making it vibrate intensely with its drop. After so much emotion, ‘Recycle’ renews our energies and puts us contemplating the melody.

Closing the EP, ‘Back To The Beat’ brings the artist’s ideas to life. Magdalena has the innate gift of telling stories through her sets and tracks, making the audience seek in her musicality a soundtrack that inspires them in life. It’s worth a listen.

Magdalena’s ‘Opia’ EP is out now via Warung Recordings. Purchase your copy here.

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