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Marcel Dettmann Reveals A Collaboration Track With Levon Vincent

Marcel Dettmann reveals a collaboration track with Levon Vincent

The song is part of his new DJ-Kicks forthcoming compilation.

Marcel Dettmann has recently shared a new collaboration with respected producer Levon Vincent entitled ‘Can You See’. This is the second time both artists work together after 2015’s ‘Vengeance’ on Levon’s own label, Novel Sound.

About the track Marcel explains: “Five years ago we sat in the studio and were just jamming, and started to work on some tracks… we met in Munich last year before playing together and suddenly he handed me over a test pressing of one of these tracks. ‘Can You See’ was still in the drawer, so we started working on that track again, sending sound back and forth, and the result is what you can listen to now.”

Marcel Dettmann DJ-Kicks‘s is designed to be enjoyed by both the critics and more casual listeners, and is the latest in a long series of lifetime achievements over the course of his career. Marcel adds, “This mix is not the picture that other people take of me, it is the picture I’d take of myself.”

The album is going to be released on K7! Records and drop stores on October 14th. You can pre-order here.

Listen to ‘Can You See’ below.

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