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Marco Carola’s Music On visited New York for a special night

On Friday, March 8th, New York City witnessed an electronic music extravaganza at the Music On event, presented by the Italian DJ and producer Marco Carola, in collaboration with the leading city promoter Teksupport. This exciting gathering took place at Building 293 of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the flagship venue of Teksupport, which they have established it as one of the current main meeting points for electronic music enthusiasts in the Big Apple.

From the moment we began to arrive at the warehouse, a palpable eagerness filled the air as we expected to immerse ourselves in the dynamic experience that Marco Carola’s event had to offer. We were greeted with efficiency, assuring a seamless entry into a world of vast euphoria. Despite the creeping chill of winter, the warmth emanating from the crowd, fueled by infectious rhythms and the dedication of the DJs, enveloped us all. As we collectively embraced the excitement of what lay ahead, our expectancies grew more tangible with each step further into the abyss of sound. It was as if we were all seeking to synchronize and intertwine with the vibe, evident in the sea of dark attire worn by most of the attendees.

The specially curated lineup more than delivered on its promise of an electrifying night, showcasing electronic music A-listers such as Vintage Culture, Ben Sterling, and Pablo Romero, with the grand finale brought by  Marco Carola himself. The blend of techno and house, infused with progressive and tech nuances, kept the crowd in perpetual motion, ensuring a notable night for all in attendance.

Pablo Romero kicked off the festivities with a display of rhythm and groove, his intricate layers of techno and house setting the stage for what was to come. His flawless segues and captivating rhythms served as the introduction to the night’s proceedings, drawing us into an acoustic cuddle that was both familiar and exhilarating. As the dance floor began to pulse with energy, it became clear that he had set the bar high.

As the night unfolded, it was as though time itself began to warp, transporting us back to the golden era of house music with the arrival of Ben Sterling. The mood crackled with anticipation as the English prodigy took to the decks, his mere presence igniting a collective surge of excitement among the crowd. With each beat drop, the London-based DJ wove a tapestry of sound that intertwined uplifting melodies with nostalgic 90’s house vibes. His craft was evident in every pulsating rhythm that reverberated through the walls of the complex, affirming that the energy within the room continued to soar.

Lukas Ruiz Hespanhol, better known by his artist name Vintage Culture, took center stage, effortlessly transporting us back in time with remixes of iconic tunes. The Brazilian rising star crafted an engaging environment, weaving together timeless samples with his original tracks. His set became a powerful conduit, transporting us to a momentum where past and present coexisted in perfect harmony. As the melodies swirled around us, it was impossible not to be swept away by the sheer intensity of the musical voyage, a testament to his talent, setting the stage for the culmination that was coming next.

As the clock struck 3:00 am, the excitement reached its zenith as Marco Carola emerged into the spotlight, ready to lead us on the final leg of our journey. With consummate skill and unwavering determination, he commanded the crowd with finesse, skillfully intertwining an array of sound bites that kept us all enraptured with too much hype. His tech and progressive beats served as a call to arms, beckoning us to lose ourselves in the instance and surrender to the moment. As the last echoes of his music faded into the night, a pervasive sense of enchantment filled the space.

Undoubtedly, Music On continues to be a beacon of innovation and passion in the electronic music scene, just like Marco Carola has been since the beginning: a pioneer, in constant movement.

More about Music On,  Marco Carola’s party emerged in the vibrant Ibiza scene in 2012. Since then, it has evolved to become a distinctive hallmark of avant-garde in club music. His vision of sharing techno and house with friends and followers has transcended borders, taking his brand worldwide, achieving different residencies in Ibiza and festivals under its name. Each event exudes an atmosphere of celebration and connection where good music and vibes are essential.

Relive some of the best moments from Music On in New York below.


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