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Mario Pedron, aka MarMar, unveils emotional new single ‘Heart’

As a preview of his upcoming EP, ‘Feel Okay’.

Photo Credit: Mario Pedron

American/French artist Mario Pedron, also known as MarMar, recently released his latest single, ‘Heart’. This single provides a sneak peek of what to expect from his upcoming EP entitled ‘Feel Okay’.

‘Heart’ tells a touching story of lost love and the joy of reconnection. MarMar reveals that the track’s instrumental was initially more piano-focused, mirroring the emotional depth of the song.

In MarMar’s words, “I wrote the instrumental for ‘Heart’ originally as a much more piano-centered track. It was a deeply emotional concept, and I was really leaning into the expression of the chords and melody. When I asked John (aka Easy Morning) to work on vocals with me, we created a story of lost love, and being so happy to see someone again that you never fully got to be honest with. ‘Heart’ is a story about reuniting with someone from your past and finally being able to pour out your emotions to them but being hesitant about whether that’s the right thing to do or not.”

Listen to ‘Heart’ below and get your copy here.

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