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Mark Reeder releases new album ‘Subversiv-Dekadent’

A double LP showcasing 17 tracks and remixes.

Mark Reeder, a musician and record producer from Manchester, living in Berlin since 1978 has a rich personal history, forged in a world that no longer exists. Reeder’s own clandestine musical career has spanned over more than four decades, and now, he’s decided to share his life on ‘Subversiv-Dekadent’, his latest double album.

‘Subversiv-Dekadent’ is the classification given to Mark Reeder in his STASI (East Germany’s Ministry for State Security) file, while the album cover photo was taken by Mark himself at the Mayday parade in Communist East Berlin in 1982, just minutes before he was hauled off by the STASI for illegally walking in their precious parade and trying to take a photo of their Premier, Erich Honecker.

Mark’s captivating life is largely entangled with this moment and life in Berlin, and seeing so many parallelisms with the world today, he saw himself inspired and decided to put together this collection of tracks and remixes which he created together with his studio partner Micha Adam, to celebrate his own internationalism, and the cross-border way in which he works.

Listen to Mark Reeder’s ‘Subversiv-Dekadent’ below and grab your copy here.

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