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Martin Landsky is back on Pokerflat

Martin Landsky’s extensive discography reads like a chronological guide through electronic music’s hottest sounds, and through Germany’s most vital labels. Whether uplifting and anthemic, dark and contemplative, or somewhere in between, his unwillingness to be pigeonholed has taken him to the uppermost echelons of Berlin’s club scene.

In this ocassion  he partnered again with Steve Bug’s Pokerflat Recordings with yet another exquisitely realised three-tracker EP. Long since a staple of the underground electronic music scene in Berlin and Europe in general, Landsky’s deft ear for dynamics and sense of off kilter dance-floor knowledge continues to do the business for DJs and dancers alike.

Echo My Head is the perfect example – driving, focussed and funky, yet with a subtle undercurrent that keeps you slightly out of your comfort zone – and locked in to the groove.

That Organ has a similar aesthetic, chunky rhythms and bass pulses for the floor, and synth stabs and melodic hooks that keep the track in constant forward motion.

Weird Night contains a spooky, discordant synth that raises the tension over and over, before giving way to a hard driving rhythm track that will see the late night heads fully losing themselves – classic Landsky style.

Ekko Traxx Vol.2 drops on June 17th

Watch Martin Landsky latest Boiler Room

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