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Mary Jane unveils ‘Again’ remix for Marie Madeleine

An official remix for the French group.

Mary Jane has recently shared her remix of Marie Madeleine’s recent hit through the artist’s unique sonic lens, creating an indie-infused festival cut.

The collaboration between Mary Jane and Marie Madeleine began last year during the French group’s US tour. Their initial connection stemmed from Marie Madeleine’s track ‘Swimming Pools,’ which organically amassed over 65 million plays and caught the attention of renowned remixers like Red Axes. Through this viral success, Mary Jane discovered the group, ultimately leading to this special remix project.

Mary Jane, a multifaceted artist known for her roles as a producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter, is making waves with her distinctive groovy style. Her soundscape merges genres such as synthwave, electronica, indie dance, deep house, nu disco, italo, and deep tech, crafting a futuristic and otherworldly musical journey.

Listen to  ‘Again’ (Mary Jane Remix)  below and download your copy here.

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