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Mathame shares AI created music video for ‘So What’

Designed by the art school collective Hokuto Atarashi.

Italian brothers Mathame is back on the dancefloors with the release of their latest single ‘So What’. The new drop is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms via Astralwerks.

A powerful contrast from their previous single ‘Come For You’, the duo’s new ‘So What’ crescendos into a volume intensity that took months of technical precision to achieve in collaboration with Mathame’s sound engineer Luca Pretolesi from Studio DMI.

“With ‘So What’ we wanted to achieve the maximum sound pressure and sound stress on every element of the composition, and maintain an impactful emotion, developing our dynamic tempo expressive signature sound in unknown territories,” they commented.

Paying homage to their lifelong passion for science fiction and anime, Mathame have also shared the official music video for ‘So What’, created in collaboration with Japanese A.I. art collective Hokuto Atarashi.

“After listening to the record, it was clear the dark and dystopic feeling was at the epicenter of the scene here. We wanted to achieve a high level of dystopian visual street stress. The video tells a story about a riot, an internal revolution between artificial intelligence, the one who wants surveillance, and the one who leads us to creative freedom. The story evolves from dance to fight in a non-conventional timeline. The technique we used turned real footage into dystopian landscapes, mechanical androids, and movie animation characters by models of artificial intelligence animators: this is just the beginning of a real revolution in the arts, just upon us. Soon or later we should speak about Cosmotechnics, or simplifying ‘how to live in a sustainable ecosystem with those techno-intelligences,’” explain the directors.

Watch the official music video for Mathame’s ‘So What’ below, and purchase your copy of the single here.

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