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Matthew Dear announces new album after 6 years

The artist celebrates 20-years of his musical career.

American Dj and producer Matthew Dear just confirmed that he’s preparing a new LP entitled ‘Bunny’ which is set to be out October 12th via Ghostly International.

This will be his 5th studio album, the first one in the last 6 years, following 2012’s ‘Beams’. The 14-track release will include collaborations with Tegan and Sara.

Dear commented, “Some bands have retired and come back in the amount of time since my last album. Hell, I’ve even played a part in making two more humans since Beams. But hey old man, why aren’t I rested? Why’s your boy so damn tired? Where’s the music? Did I finally succumb to the burn out you always warned me of?”.

Regarding the ‘Bunny’ title he added “I love the way it rolls off the mind and onto the tongue. It’s a funny thing too. Bunnies are cute. Bunnies are weird. They’re soft. They’re sexy. They’re lucky. They wildly procreate. They trick hunters, but get tricked by turtles. They lead you down holes. They adorn the headboards of children’s beds, lined up meticulously just as mom did when she was your age. Bunnies are seeming with us from birth and probably skitter past on our way out the big door”.

He also shared two different tracks, ‘Bunny’s Dream’ and ‘Echo’. Listen to them below and orders yours here.

1. Bunny’s Dream
2. Calling
3. Can You Rush Them
4. Echo
5. Modafinil Blues
6. What You Don’t Know
7. Horses (feat. Tegan and Sara)
8. Moving Man
9. Bunny’s Interlude
10. Duke of Dens
11. Electricity
12. Kiss Me Forever
13. Bad Ones (feat. Tegan and Sara)
14. Before I Go

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