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Mattia Saviolo – Until The End Part 1- 1605

Mattia Saviolo – Until The End Part 1- 1605

Mattia Saviolo is a name perhaps new to some, but his new release on UMEK’s label 1605 helps solidify him as one of the brightest stars in techno.

Titled ‘Until The End’, it’s split over two parts, each with a duo of tracks. The first installment includes the cuts ‘Lifelink’ and ‘Dispel’ which capture perfectly Mattia Saviolo’s ability to create cinematic techno.

Prior to this release, he had already proved his skills worthy of labels like Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek and Christian Smith’s Tronic, but this EP lifts things to the next level.

UMEK has proven himself a dominant force in today’s techno scene, and anyone who he takes under his wing seems destined for a big future ahead. From the outside looking in, it would certainly appear that Mattia Saviolo is an artist being nurtured for 1605, as a split EP implies that the label has a strong belief that they have found a future star.

The opening track ‘Lifelink’ certainly lives up to expectations, as it’s got a confident structure that gradually unfolds with a purposeful suspense. Tranquil pads layered with a solid kick drum foundation is always a winning combination, especially when dramatic bass stabs and bursts of explosive percussion augment it.

Not to be outdone, ‘Dispel’ is another outstanding track that like the first is focused towards the club dance floor, but with just a hint of extra energy, it builds towards the crescendo of the mean breakdown where it reaches a euphoric peak. With more peaks and drops than a rollercoaster, this is a white-knuckle ride that gets you coming back for more.

Excited to hear the second part of Until The End, this first installment certainly wets the appetite for what’s next to come.

The release is already available. Grab your copy here.

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