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Max Cooper shares audiovisual project for ‘Symphony In Acid’

A new interactive website.

Avant-garde producer and composer Max Cooper has just unveiled his latest audiovisual project. Linking up with programmer Ksawery Kirklewski, together, the pair have developed an interactive website to accompany his recent single, ‘Symphony In Acid’.

The new website is comprised of pieces of text by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein that move reactively to the music. To achieve this, Kirklewski mapped sound to text and visual effects in an effort to trigger reflection on the relationship between music and words.

‘The name ‘Symphony In Acid’ plays on the combination of orchestral-like synthesis with 303-like synthesis of acid house fame I was trying to merge some disparate ideas in the context of a highly dense and complex, but gridded and rigorous structure, one reminiscent of the Wittgenstein text’, explained Cooper through a press statement.

Watch Max Cooper & Ksawery Kirklewski’s short video showcasing the website’s content below.


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