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Max Cooper collaborates with Jacob Jonas dance company on his new project

The artists also shared a video for the lead single.

Max Cooper has released the video for ‘Weakness of the Flesh’, a project with the same name in which the Irish artist collaborates with the Jacob Jonas Dance Company. The track features the voice of Samad Khan, and in the video, we can see the dancer Emma Rosenzweig-Bock interpret a choreography by Jacob Jonas.

‘This project by the Jacob Jonas dance company came through my longtime collaborator and friend Kevin McGloughlin, already in a fairly complete state, already full of mystery and humanity and with unusual intensity, as the project summary indicates. My task was to put music to dance and visual interpretation, to add another mapping to the conception line of the choreography, the dance, film, and music. I ended up with a few different pieces of various attempts and reinterpretations, forming the EP whose first part is released today with the film’, explains Cooper himself.

‘My process for this main track of the film was to rely more than usual on techniques where I could improvise as if it were a dance. I tried to make the synths and chimes follow the movements and feelings of the dance and define themselves in the arrangements. With details and textures following the guidelines of the environment and visual treatment. I used many binaural recordings of me scraping rough surfaces and other textural sounds related to sharp edits and human contact points with concrete. It was a focus in part foley, part composition. It was a nice new way of writing a piece of music for me, with some different musical results,’ he concludes.

Watch the video for ‘Max Cooper ft Samad Khan – Weakness of the Flesh’ below, and purchase your copy here.


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