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EG resident May Vinyl selection

EG resident Sofiane Fessi has selected ten new vinyl releases you should check out!

1. Miss Jools – Stepping Inside EP (Sol Asylum) (Cat: SA012)

On their 12th release, Berlin-based imprint Sol Asylum continues its tradition of excellence, taking us on an incredible cosmic journey with this new EP from resident producer and DJ, Miss Jools. Three original tracks and one remix from one of Cocoon’s favorite artist, Dana Ruh.

2. Chris Geschwindner / Henry Hyde – NorthSouth (Northsouth Records)(Cat: NSR 001)

Northsouth is a new London-based label, started between 3 friends. Their first release seeFrankfurt’s’s Chris Geschwindner take charge on the north side and Henry Hyde on the south. Each artist has provided 2 tracks, showcasing different sounds in their production styles and is a strong start for the new imprint.


3. Makcim & Levi  – Bass Storage EP (VBX) (Cat: VBX.003)

Dutch producers Makcim and Levi Verspeek debut on Amsterdam-based groundbreaking imprint VBX with this three-track EP from outer space.

4. Dan Piu – Living in Fear (Cartulis Music) (Cat: CRTL004)

London label Cartulis Music has struck gold with this release, turning to Swiss producer Dan Piu for a much-needed vinyl edition of his 1999 album ‘Self Education’. Renamed ‘Living In Fear’ and featuring a rearranged, remastered grip of 11 tracks, it’s hard to believe techno this inventive and original managed to stay as a limited CD release for so long. There’s a rough and ready Midwestern techno finish to many of the tracks on offer, but between the tough impact of certain sounds there’s a great deal of subtlety to enjoy throughout this album. Surefire floor workouts like ‘Self Education’ meet with playful hip-hop experiments to make for a wholly enjoyable, not to mention surprising, listening experience.

5. Jackie – Underwater EP (Dreamers Recordings) (Cat: DREAM I)

Jacopo Latini AKA Jackie, is an Italian DJ and producer from Bologna, whose rich and ethereal sound is sure to endear him to fans of cultured deep house tropes. On his debut for Dreamers Recordings, a new vinyl only imprint from Berlin, he delivers three hardware-produced jams, each one of which channels vintage house sounds with a gusto not typically seen in newcomers.

6. Greiner & Torre — Lengarsenal EP (Clock Art) (Cat: CA001)

The Berlin duo Franky Greiner and Luca Torre delivers the synthesis of its captivating and groovy sound, with two original pieces -Lengarsenal and Falco – and a remix by their friend Ion Ludwig with ‘Lengarsenal ( Ions Ionized Cannonball Remix)’.

7. Voigtmann — Double Mind Revers (Hello? Repeat) (Cat: HELLO 028)

3 years after his and Dewalta’s mesmerizing ‘Ground Effect’ EP Claus Voigtmann returns to Hello?Repeat with four hypnotic deep cuts showcasing his rough elegant signature in the skill of groove making.

8. Giammarco Orsini – Game of Chance EP – Partisan (Cat: PTN 003)

It’s becoming something of a cliche to describe tech-house tracks as “bouncy”, but there’s no denying that “Planet Pan”, the lead cut from Giammarco Orsini’s latest EP, is rubbery and boisterous. The drum track and bassline both doff a cap to the skipping grooves of 4.4 UK garage, though the musical elements surrounding them — spacey chords, bleeping melody lines, and so on — both scream “techno”. Elsewhere, the experienced Italian producer melds undulating TB-303 acid lines with a smooth, Motor City influenced tech-house groove on ‘Divenire’, before layering robotic electronics and minor key chords on top of sprightly drum machine beats on pleasing B-side workout ‘Any Robots Here’.

9. Loop Exposure – Manger Bouger EP (Rakya Records) (Cat: ZORA002)

Debut EP for Loop Exposure on ZORA. Both atmosphere and energy are present in these first four tracks from fresh duo loop exposure. Cinematic vocals melt with heavy grooves to provide serious dance floor killer suited for any club environment.

10. Ashac – The Occult EP – (Aeternum Music) (Cat: AEM009)

Aeternum Music ninth release comes from Ashac that presents a full-length release featuring a great snapshot of the current it sounds in minimal that crossover over from reductionist mini-funk grooves, into electro territory. On the first disc you’ve got quirky and bumpin’ blip-blurp grooves like ‘Jazz Machines’n’Skulls’ or ‘Bad Drummer’ which would make even Dimbiman stand up and notice, Motor city influenced electro-funk on ‘Mistery sciences’ or tracks wich sonically describe that perfect space between like on ‘Time Traveller’which nails it just as well as Saverio Celestri or Binh have too of late.



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