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Maya Jane Coles shares 3 singles from upcoming album ‘Night Creatures’

The record is expected on October 29th via I/AM/ME.

Maya Jane Coles has revealed details about her upcoming studio album, ‘Night Creature’. The artist wrote, produced, engineered, and mixed, what will be her fifth LP, to be released via her own label, I/AM/ME.

In line with the announcement, Coles also shared a first glimpse into the album with the release of the singles ‘Night Creature’, ‘Survival Mode’, and ‘Need’. Vocalists Julia Stone, Lie Ning, Claudia Kane, and frequent collaborator Karin Park will all be participating in the upcoming record.

‘When it comes to my music-making, I’ve pretty much always been a creature of the night. My creativity tends to work at its best during those peaceful hours when my surroundings are at a standstill and I feel completely in my own world. Then on the flip side, in the club, the night can shift into some of the most energetic and ecstatic moments in time.’ explains Coles about the inspiration for her new album.

Listen to Maya Jane Coles’ three new singles below.

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