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Paris Green shares five tips to improve your studio workflow

Paris Green, aka Mitchel Kelly, has built a reputation for weaving an intricate blend of progressive house, electronic, and melodic techno into her numerous productions. The artist recently released his debut album ‘Fear’ on Needwant Records, featuring an atmospheric LP that showcases the versatility of the Amsterdam-based artist.

After the release of his latest LP, ‘Fear’, Paris Green shares 5 tips to improve your studio workflow.

1. Win the morning, win the day

What really works for me is making a tune as soon as possible in the morning when the mind is still fresh. Looking back, my best work always comes from that session.

2. Be disciplined

I create habits and don’t necessarily chase inspiration. I make sure I show up and do the work, the rest will follow.

3. Workflow

Create an archive. Go back to your productions and see which drums, sounds etc really work for you, archive it and go back to it. If you keep track of it, years later you will have your own tailor made sample library which allows you to nail ideas really quick.

4. Patience

Don’t get discouraged when you don’t feel it. Take a break, reset the mind and come back to it.

5. Finish tracks

Regardless of what you’re working on is crap or the next big thing. At least arrange and bounce it. It might be the start of a new path you’re exploring and this was the one that sparked it.

Paris Green’s ‘Fear’ is now available on Needwant. Stream and buy here.

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