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Melchior Sultana – When Time Is Still – Proper Taste

A Life dedicated to music, Melchior Sultana is a Maltese composer and multi-instrumentalist that grew up in an atmosphere of rich traditions, culture, and arts in the middle of the Mediterranean, deeply sculpting his spirit. Involved in various projects from classical to contemporary to Live band and electronic music productions, Sultana performed live at some of the most prestigious places around the globe, from Cafe Del Mar in Malta to Panorama Bar, Berghain, IPSE in Berlin, Tresor, and Rex Club Paris to name a few. Now, he joins the ranks over at the newly founded Proper Taste label for their second release ever as the artist presents his ‘When Time Is Still’ EP.

The record presents three new original cuts from Sultana, as he delivers the titular ‘When Time Is Still’, ‘We Go Deep’, and closer ‘Can’t Hide’. Proper Balearic through and through, opener ‘When Time Is Still’ is a warm, pastel-colored picture, where candid percussive patterns roll like pebbles on the shoreline while its high-pitched lead meanders without a care, throwing all caution to the wind as it glistens, reflecting light back from the wet sand. And like a cool summer breeze should, its caress is gone before we know it.

For its part, ‘We Go Deep’, comes in swinging on the back of a sultry bassline, while neon chords and tight glass percs light up the backdrop. In the blink of an eye, the shuffle is on as we hot-step into a flavorful lead that glides across the floor, dazzling bystanders with its captivating finesse, until it’s all played out.

As with all good things, they must come to an end. And even Sultana ‘Can’t Hide’ from that, as his heavy-handed percussion lays down the foundation on the third and final track. Here, synths swell, blending with the white noise like waves that move disco arpeggios from one side to the other in a gorgeous cocktail crafted for those wanderlust sunsets and picture-perfect memories. The ones we take with us when everything’s said and done.

Melchior Sultana’s ‘When Time Is Still’ EP is out now via ‘Proper Taste’. Listen to it below and grab your copy here.

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