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MeowWow, 08 Orbit & Miyoki – ‘Celestia’ – Of Us Records

Between iridescent melodies and pulsating, dark low-end frequencies, MeowWow, 08 Orbit, and Miyoki come together for ‘Celestia’. An enthralling and most fascinating outing, their new EP for Of Us Records is a sensational club-laced track that walks the tightrope between the underground and commercial appeal with absolute confidence.

In its ‘Extended Mix’, MeowWow & 08 Orbit summon a throbbing bassline that runs over thumping kicks as a meandering synthetic swell lures us deep inside a binding arp before Miyoki’s showstopping vocals take centerstage under the celestial lights. Glistening over resonating mid-frequencies and delicious effects, Miyoki drives us through a sensational second round as we blaze across the night sky in mesmerizing fashion at 125 bpm for a smashing club scorcher that’s bound to make some proper noise.

Then, on remix duties and treading with aplomb, Danny Stubbs crafts a solid backline before unleashing a gripping, meandering bassline, providing the perfect frame as effervescent melodic embers reach the surface and blend with Miyoki’s airy vocals. Soaring in a most carefree manner, Danny’s first take on ‘Celestia’ engulfs us in a warm embrace as we gently glide beyond the star and into the heart of the sun in a gorgeous and spellbinding production.

Wrapping up the EP, it’s Danny Stubbs again, with his ‘Chill Out Mix’. Raising the ante, Danny delivers a most arresting, cinematic take that expertly bides its time. Here, the hands of time burn slowly as Miyoki’s chopped vocals come together in a dense hue that suspends us mid-air for a truly memorable moment that gives ‘Celestia’ a new leash of life.

MeowWow, 08 Orbit & Miyoki’s ‘Celestia’ EP is out now via Of Us Records. Purchase your copy here.

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