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MËSTIZA shares 5 studio tips for productions with an extra flair

MËSTIZA, the Spanish duo known for blending dance music and Flamenco in a unique style, presents their first album, ‘Quëreles’. This album explores various aspects of love, including self-love, friendship, and romance, connecting with our deepest emotions. MËSTIZA aims to carve their own creative path and break free from established norms.

Photo credit: MËSTIZA – Official

MËSTIZA gained worldwide recognition through their SACRO parties, held monthly in different international locations. These parties combined spirituality, fashion, art, and music, showcasing the duo’s distinctive style and personality.

In 2023, MËSTIZA took a significant leap by releasing their   debut album, ‘Quëreles’. Tracks like ‘El Brillo’ and ‘Deserto Rosso’ displayed their potential and essence: house and melodic house with a touch of reverence for Spanish folklore.

To celebrate the release, MËSTIZA invites us into their studio to share five valuable tips for enhancing your productions with an extra flair.

1. Original sounds from original instruments

All instruments were recorded live in our studio. In 95% of our productions, we use live recorded organic instruments to give our sound this human warmth, which is necessary to create unique music and sounds.

2. Clean mix & pro effects

Finishing the last touches of a production, we always arrange our instruments and our elements in groups. This way, we always have a clean mix. We mostly use ‘bus sends’ (using Logic X) to apply the effects in the stems. Our favorite plugins for mixing are from FabFilter, which create a lot of difference in our tracks.

3. Creating something unique

Along with the organic instrumentals, we always design our sounds as well. – Our favorite VST is from the Arturia collection, especially Prophet and Mini V. In the next steps, we use synth and bass lines and try to manipulate the presets to again create something unique for our tracks.

4. The final touch

For effects, we really love to design our own reverb and delays. Especially ‘Valhalla Room,’ which is one of the best plugins for reverb and for delay effects, we always use the ‘Soundtoys Echoboy.’

We appreciate the Alter Boy tool for further twists using more sound toys to slightly manipulate the vocals and add some texture to them. This way, you can manage to get a brighter and more sophisticated touch to your prerecorded vocals.

5. Extra touch

We use saturation for extra brightness in our mixes. Sometimes, the mix sounds balanced, but if you add the saturation, you give an extra brightness, add more harmonics, and make the sound wider. Our favorite saturation plugin is Saturn2 from FabFilter. We also recommend the free saturation plugin from Softube.

MËSTIZA’s ‘Quëreles’ is out now via Sacro Music. Stream and download here.

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