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Mezomo & Bergesch collaborate on ‘Vega’

Symbolizing the ‘vegetative phase’ of their journey.

Brazilians Bruno Mezomo and Matheus Bergesch have presented their latest collaboration, known as ‘Vega’. Looking to tread new roads, the artists have decided to go in a different direction for this release, choosing to share this one independently, without the aid of a label.

The release of ‘Vega’ comes at a moment where the artists feel like they can finally express their own musical views with extreme clarity and precision, while they bring together their most significant influences, like afrobeat, jazz, and reggae. ‘With ‘Vega’, Mezomo and Bergesch symbolize the ‘vegetative phase’ of their journey, which like a vegetable is made up of cycles,’ further explains its press release.

Listen to Mezomo & Berggesch’s ‘Vega’ below.

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