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Michael Bibi diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma

A rare form of cancer.

Photo Credit: Michael Bibi – Official

 Renowned DJ and producer Michael Bibi has revealed his diagnosis of CNS Lymphoma, a rare form of brain and spinal cancer. The 32-year-old electronic musician shared this news with his fans through an Instagram post on Monday evening.

In his emotional announcement, the British artist posted a photo of himself with a cannula strapped to his hand, indicating that he has already commenced treatment for the illness. CNS Lymphoma is an aggressive cancer that affects the brain and spine, and Michael emphasized that the disease is progressing rapidly, requiring immediate hospitalization and treatment.

Despite the somber news, Michael expressed determination and strength, assuring his followers that he won’t let the diagnosis defeat him. He acknowledged the uncertain path ahead but remained resilient, seeking the support and well-wishes of his fans. Bibi’s prior cancellation of performances earlier this year was attributed to ongoing health issues related to tinnitus, which was later revealed to be a more serious neurological concern affecting his brain and brain stem.

The electronic music community has rallied around Michael during this difficult time, with fellow DJs such as Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, and Tiesto sending their support and well wishes. These expressions of solidarity highlight the tight-knit bond within the industry.

Known for his successful music labels, Solid Grooves and SG Raw, Michael Bibi has been an influential figure in the electronic music scene. His advocacy for ear protection at shows and festivals has demonstrated his commitment to promoting health and well-being among artists and attendees.

As Michael embarks on his treatment journey, his fans and colleagues are hoping for his swift recovery. His diagnosis serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting and caring for one another, particularly in the face of health challenges. The electronic music community stands united in sending positive thoughts and wishes to Michael Bibi during this challenging time.

You can read Michael Bibi’s Instagram post below.


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