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Ten Michael Mayer tracks: A journey through his music

As part of our #EG1K countdown, we’re excited to present 10 of our favorite tracks from Michael Mayer. The German DJ and producer has just released his latest mix, EG.990, kicking off our countdown to the 1000th episode. You can listen to it now on the Electronic Groove SoundCloud and Mixcloud platforms.

Mayer’s EG.990 mix features a diverse lineup, including Lucie Antune, Panthera Krause, Radioslave, and more. He describes it as a reflection of his current musical tastes and the future direction of his label, Kompakt, balancing light, summery tracks with edgier pieces.

From the scenic Black Forest in Germany to co-founding Kompakt in Cologne, Mayer’s journey in electronic music has been remarkable. His albums ‘Touch,’ ‘Mantasy,’ and ‘&’ have solidified his status as a top producer, and his DJ sets are celebrated worldwide.

To honor his contributions, we’ve curated a list of our top 10 favorite Michael Mayer tracks. As we approach our 1000th episode, we celebrate the artist’s lasting influence on the electronic music scene.

  1. Michael Mayer  – Good Times – Kompakt

2. Michael Mayer  – Higher – Kompakt

3.  Michael Mayer – Picanha Frenesi – Kompakt 

4.  Michael Mayer and Reinhard Voigt – Heaven – Kompakt 

5.  Michael Mayer – Talmi – Kompakt 

6. Michael Mayer – Mantasy – Kompakt

7. WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone (Michael Mayer Mix) – Kompakt 

8.  Michael Mayer – Touch – Kompakt

9.  Michael Mayer – Hush Hush Baby – Kompakt

10. Michael Mayer and Tobias Thomas –  Sweet Harmony – Kompakt 

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