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Mikas – ‘The Fire’ EP – Progressive Grooves Records

Having just recently revamped his beloved Progressive Grooves Records imprint, DJ & producer Mikas comes in hot off the heels of the brand’s latest release, ‘Chronos’, ‘Perception’, and ‘Nemesis’ EPs. Now, for the fourth installment in this newfound format, Mikas is back on the dancefloors with a unique Afro-techno crossover cut with ‘The FIre’, featuring the retro-laced vocal collaboration of Green Baker.

Igniting the sonics in a guns-blazing attitude with a vocal call to arms, ‘The Fire’ is fueled by a relentless machine gun of a drum section as it enters a cauldron of a riff that is just scorching hot. As the temperature rises with each passing bar, a wildfire erupts only quenched by Green Baker’s subduing vocals that tame the flames while channeling some pure 80s magic. Brash and bold, ‘The Fire’ burns like the soundtrack to some damn fine moments on the dancefloor.

Staying on the same lane, Mikas continues to inject high octane fuel into his creations as ‘Vintage Culture’ strolls with endless energy before a dreamy stairway of chords lifts us into a higher plane in full-blown technicolor. A delectable homage to the yesteryears of disco, ‘Vintage Culture’ is a sonic menagerie that intricately waves through one of the most interesting decades in music, blitzing through its halcyon days in absolute style.

The package is rounded off by two other versions of ‘The Fire’, which also boasts its own ‘Original Mix’, which turns down the amp from 11, and its ‘Club Dub’, which reprises the original construction without Green Baker’s vocal prowess, providing DJs with most-welcomed options.

Mikas’ ‘The Fire’ EP is out now via Progressive Grooves Records. Purchase your copy here.

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