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Mind Against return to Life and Death with ‘Love Seeking’

Their last release on the label was in 2015.

Photo credit: Mind Against – Official

Mind Against are returning to the Life and Death label, curated by DJ Tennis, with the release of their latest EP, ‘Love Seeking.’

‘Love Seeking’ signifies a refreshing departure from their darker tonalities, steering towards the passionate exploration of love within the domain of dance music. The track is a symphony of an entrancing bassline, infectious rhythm, and sweeping synths, a testament to the imprint’s commitment to melody, vocals, and the incorporation of indie dance elements in electronic music.

The Italian duo, composed of Alessandro and Federico Fognini, have expressed excitement about reuniting with Life and Death, their inaugural label. They reflect on the evolution they experienced since their ‘Atlant’ debut in 2013, recognizing the significant growth of both their artistic identity and the label.

Listen to ‘Love Seeking’ below and download your copy here.

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