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Miss Monique and AVIRA link up for ‘Subterranean’

Featuring Polish artist LUNA on vocals.

Miss Monique, known for her unique fusion of techno, trance, and progressive music, has teamed up with acclaimed Canadian DJ and producer AVIRA for her debut release on Armada Music. The track, entitled ‘Subterranean’, features the vocals of Polish artist LUNA.

‘Subterranean’ is a suspenseful production that blends the distinctive melodic styles of both artists. Guided by a deep-digging bassline, soaring chords, and the emotive vocals of LUNA, the song lyrically delves into a turbulent romance that descends into the depths of the underground, where the complexities of love intertwine with hidden desires and fears.

Miss Monique expresses her gratitude for the support on her debut release on Armada Music, stating, “With AVIRA’s contribution to the production and LUNA’s captivating vocals, we have created a record that perfectly embodies the spirit of Armada Music.”

AVIRA adds, “Collaborating with one of the industry’s fastest-rising stars has been truly inspiring, and I’m thrilled to witness the overwhelming fan response even before the official release of the track. I can’t wait to share it with the world!”

Listen to ‘Subterranean’ below and download your copy here.

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