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Mixcloud introduces new ‘Tracks’ feature

Allowing creators to upload original material.

Music streaming platform Mixcloud has just announced the introduction of its new ‘Tracks’ feature. The new tool allows artists to upload original snippets of audio “up to 15-minutes long”.

Since its launch back in 2008, Mixcloud has been a platform with a focus on long-formed audio (DJ sets, podcasts, and radio shows), and ‘Tracks’ signals its first foray into shorter-form uploads.

Users with a basic Mixcloud account can upload three tracks yet those with a pro subscription can upload as many as they wish. The uploaded audio must be no shorter than 30 seconds, and no longer than 15 minutes long. Mixcloud urges users to upload original content, shying away from remixes and bootlegs.

“This makes Mixcloud the only platform that offers both livestreaming, long-form audio, and short-form tracks as well,” said CEO Nico Perez.

Watch an introductory video to Mixcloud’s new ‘Tracks’ feature below.


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