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Moby Releases New Free Album, ‘More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse’

Moby releases new free album, ‘More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse’

It was announced through a fake Donald Trump press release.

North American music Moby just shared a new LP through a satirical White House press note.

This is the second album by his band, Moby and the Void Pacific Choir and is entitled ‘More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse’, following last fall’s ‘These Systems Are Failing’ one.

The new release has a politically charged content, frequently poking Donald Trump’s administration and comes six months after the artist rejected to perform at the current president inauguration gala.

‘More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse’ is available for Free Download.


01. Silence
02. A Softer War
03. There’s Nothing Wrong With The World There’s Something Wrong With Me
04. Trust
05. All The Hurts
06. In This Cold Place
07. If Only A Correction Of All We’ve Been
08. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye
09. A Happy Song

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