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Moby shares new track ‘Where Is Your Pride?’ from upcoming new album

It is a tribute to the late Benjamin Zephaniah, whom Moby remembers as an inspiration for the vegan movement and a renowned poet.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Hicks

Renowned musician and activist Moby, has unveiled his latest musical creation, ‘Where Is Your Pride?’. This fresh track serves as a homage to the dearly departed Benjamin Zephaniah. The track is featured in Moby’s forthcoming 22nd album, ‘Always Centered at Night’, slated for release on June 14, 2024.

‘Where Is Your Pride?’ is a fusion of intricate break-beats and poignant spoken word, effectively echoing Zephaniah’s unique artistic voice. Moby fondly remembers him as a guiding light in the vegan movement, and a distinguished poet and writer.

‘Always Centered at Night’ stands out in Moby’s discography. The album is a tapestry of 13 collaborations with a diverse cadre of artists, such as Sudanese singer Gaidaa, London’s Burundian royal refugee J.P. Bimeni, and Kingston-born, London-based artist Aynzli Jones. The music is intensely personal yet politically charged, reflecting the limitless nature of Moby’s work.

Reflecting on his journey, Moby says, “For the last 30 years, I’ve worked with amazing singers–from David Bowie to Freddie Mercury, Gregory Porter to Jill Scott. ‘Always Centered at Night’ continues this tradition of collaboration, focusing on working with talented singers who might not be as widely recognized as David Bowie and Gregory Porter.

Moby is about to embark on his first tour in over ten years, paying tribute to his album ‘Play’. The tour’s profits will be directed towards animal rights organizations across Europe, featuring a special performance in Lausanne, Switzerland. Grab your tickets here.

Listen to ‘Where Is Your Pride?’ below and download your copy here.

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