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Mochakk conquered Koko London

Last Friday, the spectacular Koko Theatre located in Camden Town, London, lit up with electronic music, featuring  Shubostar, Jaden Thomson, and the popular eccentric Mochakk.

Photo Credit:  CM Robisson and  Enhanced NR

The evening commenced with dynamic sets from DJs Shubostar and Jaden Thomson, setting the stage for the night’s headliner. Shubostar’s selection showcased a diverse mix of electronic subgenres, with ‘Igzag’ by Sharon Attar standing out as a hypnotic gem that had the crowd swaying in unison. Jaden Thomson continued the energy, seamlessly transitioning between soulful deep house and intense techno, and his closing track, the unreleased ‘Back to Life Edit’, left everyone eagerly anticipating the Brazilian artist’s set.

The transition from Jade Thomson’s performance to Mochakk’s presence was smooth and kind of cute. They embraced in a big hug and as the Brazilian took over the decks, the crowd erupted in cheers. He didn’t wait a minute to bring his powerful drop.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights was when Mochakk played ‘Who’ by Portia Monique, preserving the sensuality of the original vocals while injecting his electronic base and so characteristic drop. It also needs a mention the mix he put together of ‘Madre’ with Hunter (Roman Flugel Remix) which filled the venue with charismatic Latin vibes that he always places in his sets.

As the night reached its zenith, Mochakk closed with ‘Rizzla.’ The energy he created with this choice was nothing short of electric, leaving the crowd in a state of euphoria. Mixed with eclectic sounds and his characteristic drops all around the theatre was a testament to the artist’s expertise in crafting an unforgettable and dreamy electronic journey. After his breathtaking performance, he stayed until the very end, connecting with his predominantly Brazilian fan base. He graciously signed autographs, leaving a lasting memory for all in attendance

Lastly and very importantly to mention, it wasn’t just the music that made the night special; it was the crowd itself. Their enthusiasm and respect for the music and the artists, created a harmonious atmosphere, showcasing the unifying power of electronic beats. Everyone was drawing big smiles on their faces and invigorating each other to dance to the eccentric DJ’s melodies. The Koko Theatre hosted to perfection this sonic spectacle. Its spectacular architecture and top-tier lighting design enhanced the overall experience, with the staff providing impeccable service.

In conclusion, “the best night-out in London”, was the most repeated sentence as we walked out of Koko. Included myself. I believe the Brazilian sensation will receive sweet fruits in his DJ cache after this superb performance. London, another Mochakk conquest.

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