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Momu – Io (alias_j Invisible Sun Mix) – Loöq Records

Since his debut release on Pig&Dan’s ELEVATE, Jon Ojeda has seen a warm reception under his alias_j moniker. Now, the San Francisco-based artist has shared his latest remix, as he takes on Momu’s ‘Io’. Now available to stream and purchase via Loöq Records, the new remix is a part of Momu’s new package. Christened as the ‘Invisible Sun Mix’, alias_j’s reinterpretation finds the producer cementing the celestial elements in the original mix in bold and striking fashion, rewriting the narrative of ‘Io’ as a Melodic House piece.

A pristine arpeggio glides over an iridescent surface before a skitterish beat strolls effortlessly, unraveling a myriad of sonic fragments that elegantly decorate the path as it forms before our very eyes. Unpredictable, the low end sets in, completely transforming the once delicate piece into a rumbling concoction where gears turn grinding, contrasting in sublime fashion to the once fertile soil.

Come breakdown, and alias_j expertly opens up the piece, showcasing its warm soul once again, like sunlight brushing against the wall of the deepest caverns, only to seal us in the darkness back again. It’s the mesmerizing third act that propels ‘Io’ to the bottom of the ocean as we still admire those aural shards that glisten in eye-catching fashion.

alias_j’s ‘Invisible Sun Mix’ certainly cements his status as one of the most exciting artists to step out of the melodic techno realm in recent

Listen to ‘Momu – Io (alias_j Invisible Sun Mix) below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.

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