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Monolink Announces ‘Amniotic Deluxe’

Monolink announces ‘Amniotic Deluxe’

The new version is full of unreleased material.

Following the release of his debut album, ‘Amniotic’, published in 2018, German producer, singer, and songwriter Steffen Linck, also known as Monolink, announced the release of a special edition entitled ‘Amniotic Deluxe’.

The LP, which will come via Embassy One, will feature exclusive live recordings of his Burning Man show in 2018 and at least eight unpublished tracks, including a new original single titled ‘Outgrown’. In addition to this album, the artist announced the release of an EP with acoustic versions and vinyl with remixes.

The acoustic EP was released on November 29th; the remix package will go on sale on December 6th and ‘Amniotic Deluxe’ will be available on December 13th.

Listen to the Purple Disco Machine Remix below and check the acoustic EP here.

Amniotic Deluxe Tracklist

  1. Amniotic
  2. Black Day
  3. Sirens
  4. Rearrange My Mind
  5. Frozen
  6. Father Ocean
  7. Swallow
  8. Take Me Home
  9. Riverman
  10. Return To Oz
  11. Burning Sun
  12. Outgrown*
  13. Sirens (Acoustic Version)*
  14. Swallow (Acoustic Version)*
  15. Father Ocean (Acoustic Version)*
    16. Take Me Home (Purple Disco Machine Remix)*
    17. Rearrange My Mind (Acid Pauli Remix)*
  16. Sirens (Live at Burning Man)
  17. Black Day (Live at Burning Man)

Amniotic Acoustic EP Tracklist:

  1. Sirens (Acoustic Version)
  2. Swallow (Acoustic Version)
  3. Father Ocean (Acoustic Version)

12″ Remix EP Tracklist:

A1 Monolink – Black Day – Adam Beyer Remix

A2 Monolink – Rearrange my mind – Nicole Moudaber Remix

B1 Monolink – Rearrange my mind – Acid Pauli Remix

B2 Monolink – Take Me Home – Purple Disco Machine Remix


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