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Monolink forges a surreal link between the organic and the electronic in Mexico

As part of his North American tour, Steffen Linck, better known as Monolink, did not miss the opportunity to perform in Mexico City offering a select musical experience at the BlackBerry Auditorium.

Photo Credit: Balderas

Prior to the presentation of the German multi-instrumentalist, the public enjoyed Cabizbajo’s DJ set, which gradually prepared us for what would be an epic night. We perceive his style behind the decks as somewhat different from what he normally delivers on stage, but that was not an obstacle to discovering a rather interesting musical perspective.

As the night reached its peak, the public began to feel that adrenaline that invites them to dance non-stop, and the lights were taking another turn, making way for Monolink, who with his warm voice greeted the crowd while his captivating electro-desert sound drove everyone crazy. Among the tracks that were most enjoyed that night, we found ‘Father Ocean’, ‘Sirens’, ‘Fidale’, ‘Under Dark’ and of course the classic ‘Return to Oz’.

In the same way, halfway through his presentation, the artist made his audience fall in love more by dedicating some beautiful words to them in Spanish, highlighting that Mexico is a very special place for him.

The atmosphere that was experienced during his show in the Mexican capital left us speechless! Let’s say it was like entering a magical portal where a true psychedelic peace merged between the viewers and the artist.

Relive some of the best moments below:

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