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Montesa – Cala Comte (Dance Company)

No one knows who Montesa is and there is no info online about the artist. That means we can only assume it is someone new, but whoever they are they have a fine knowledge of classic house and prove across three cuts here that they know what it takes to cook up an authentic slice of infectious house music.

‘Cala Comte’ goes first and is nine minutes of effortlessly smooth deep house. The hi hats are crisp and as icy as the chords that get smeared out from the centre of the track bringing real heat. Whispered vocals are steamy and the whole thing is propped up with a snaking baseline. ‘Chic’ gets a little more loose, with freeform vocal sounds and spiralling pads all bringing a balmy, summery feel to the house groove. Last of all, ‘Educate Your Mind’ has a crisp boom bap drum and hit combo, but the real centre point is the exquisitely programmed bassline, which rides about the track with real pain and melancholy. It’s one that tugs at the heart strings and rounds out a fine EP.

Montesa’s ‘Cala Comte’ is available on Dance Company. Grab your copy here.

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