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MoodHay – Cosmic Romance – Lips & Rhythm

MoodHay – Cosmic Romance – Lips & Rhythm

‘Cosmic Romance’ signals MoodHay’s landing on San Francisco-based label Lips & Rhythm. Hailing from LA, the producer delivers a heavenly cocktail of classic house, funk, and soul that spills over 6 tracks, in what is definitely a showstopper of a debut album. Created in MoodHay’s hilltop studio, the recording feels fresh, and sees the Californian in astounding shape.

From the first bar, ‘Cosmic Romance’ sounds warm and lush. Carefully crafted, each track on the album tastes like ear-candy, and rolls along with incredible ease. The opening track, the one that lends its name to the album, is a smooth-talker that seduces listeners down to the center of the dancefloor, under the bright disco balls. Vocals intertwine as they sway left and right, while colorful stabs swell and sharpen for a grand entrance, one bound to turn heads with its unique strut.

The second cut, the delightful ‘Melodies’, showcases a sultry sax line that scorches everything it comes into contact with, while piano chords glide in the backdrop, creating an entrancing set up for silky vocals to take over in a fascinating outing. Following up, ‘Talk To Me’ sees MoodHay shaking and swirling reversed synth swells with blips and vox samples like a seasoned mixologist fabricating that world-renowned concoction that hits the spot like no other.

Down the halfway line, ‘Push It’ keeps those pink-tainted glasses, as neon lights sparkle throughout this broken-beat cut. Featuring one of the most memorable vocal layering found on ‘Cosmic Romance’, the track rolls without haste, winking at listeners as it oozes its patented minty-fresh coolness. By the fifth cut, things get really cosmic with the appearance of ‘Lips & Rhythm’. Here, MoodHay bewitches hips with iridescent chords and an irresistible bassline that takes hold without intentions of ever letting go.

Album closer, the aptly named ‘Making Love’, dims the lights, invoking some Daft Punk’s most intimate cuts for a dazzling finale that ties ‘Cosmic Romance’ in a lace bow, making it a perfect gift for someone looking for good times. Albums are not easy, especially when they rely on one genre for its development and storytelling, but MoodHay manages to come across as a most welcome breath of fresh air that playfully keeps the listener interested through its good vibes.

MoodHay’s ‘Cosmic Romance’ is out now via Lips & Rhythm. Grab your copy here.


  • A1 – Cosmic Romance
  • A2 – Melodies
  • A3 – Talk To Me
  • B1 – Push It
  • B2 – Lips & Rhythm
  • B3 – Making Love
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