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Moog introduces Mariana: A new virtual duophonic soft-synth

The program offers dual-layer synthesis, resonant filters, LFOs, envelopes, a comprehensive FX section, and more.

Photo credit: Moog – Website

Moog, the audio equipment company, has recently introduced Mariana, an advanced virtual duophonic soft-synth. With this, the brand aims to offer musicians and producers with new and innovative sound design capabilities.

Mariana is a synthesizer optimized for bass, featuring two layers that can be played simultaneously. Each layer includes two oscillators, an enhanced low-end sub-oscillator, and a variety of controls. Producers have the flexibility to shape their sounds using resonant Moog filters, dedicated sub-oscillator filters, LFOs, envelopes, and random generators.

The FX section includes chorus, delay, saturation control, and a comprehensive compressor for the main output. Additionally, it offers three envelopes for amp, filter, and modulation, providing precise sound sculpting options.

Taking inspiration from renowned Moog bass instruments like the Minimoog Model D and Minitaur, Mariana excels in stereo fine-tuning while maintaining a strong mono bass foundation. It combines classic influences with an original soft-synth design, delivering a unique sonic experience.

The user interface is designed to enhance workflow efficiency. It supports modulation of parameters via MIDI, MPE, and virtual CV, allowing users to create an interconnected ecosystem within their DAW.

This program can be used on an iPad, as a standalone desktop application, or seamlessly integrated into any preferred DAW.

For more information and to purchase Mariana, visit here.

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