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Moog Music unveils innovative Spectravox processor

Its 10-band filter bank, Moog oscillator, and dynamic white noise generator offer tonal shaping and spectral movement.

Photo Credit: Moog Music – Official

Moog Music has introduced Spectravox, an innovative semi-modular processor that pushes the boundaries of sound design.

Spectravox boasts a 10-band filter bank, a Moog oscillator, and a unique dynamic white noise generator, distinguishing it in tonal shaping and spectral movement. It’s more than a synthesizer, adapting to varied musical needs and integrating seamlessly with larger Eurorack setups. Its secondary filter bank analyzes the spectral content of sounds for advanced timbral modulation. Its versatility shines with different sound modules, offering limitless creative potential.

Echoing the legacy of the 1928 Vocoder and the legendary partnership between Wendy Carlos and Bob Moog, Spectravox represents a nod to the ongoing adventure of sound exploration and innovative design.

Spectravox’s capabilities extend to both live performances and studio recordings, with the ability to transform simple sounds into intricate sonic landscapes. Moog Music representative Max Ravitz highlights Spectravox’s capacity for texture manipulation and sonic experimentation.

Watch artist Jamie Lidell delve into Spectravox’s capabilities below, and find additional information and purchase options on the Moog Music website.

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