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Mooglie & Sasson – Indian Rhapsody – Ready Mix Records

Making their debut as a pair on Ready Mix Records, french producers Mooglie & Sasson team up for a highly energetic slice of tribal house that is brimming with life.

Nicolas Sasson has been making waves in the electronic music circuit lately, with some of his releases garnering support from industry luminaries such as Black Coffee and Nick Warren. Now, he links up with fellow Parisian Mooglie, to deliver two sublime cuts of afro-tech in their ‘Indian Rhapsody’ EP for Canada’s own Ready Mix Records. Three remixes of the title track are provided by Cee ElAssaad, Music P and brothers Mozaïk.

A full-blown progressive growler, ‘Indian Rhapsody’ showcases the growth of the duo in these past few months. Here, a solid, jet-back groove lays the foundations, as mangled vocal chants blaze a trail right through the dense jungle, and vine-like synth lines grow, intertwining with percussive licks. With a clear frame and trippy sound design, ‘Indian Rhapsody’ is bound to set dancefloors on fire as that beat hits sound systems all over the world.

The first of the reinterpretations is delivered by Cee ElAssaad, as he brings forth a headier take on the original. Thicker in design, this version presents some staple work on percussive lines and arrangements, as well as some gorgeous arpeggios, for a more Voodoo-esque feel. On the other hand, german producer Music P’s remix sounds deeper, albeit a bit less dramatic, as he carves a flowing river that slithers through the jungle bed crafted by Sasson & Mooglie. The final remix for ‘Indian Rhapsody’ comes courtesy of the Mozaïk brothers. Here, they go heavier on the downbeat, for a progressive-breaks hybrid that really puts a creative spin on the original.

For the finale, Mooglie & Sasson return with ‘Jalya’, a deeper cut with a hypnotic take on the same vibe its tribal predecessor had. Still treading the jungle, percussions go upfront on this one, as Arabic scales meander, enchanting everything in their path. A beautiful twist on the tribal house genre all around, making this record one to go for.

‘Indian Rhapsody’ is now available. Grab your copy here.

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