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Moscoman debuts on his own label Disco Halal

The producer has shared some of his ‘personal weapons’.

Moscoman runs Disco Halal, a Berlin-based label that gathers Middle East sounds and fractured European rhythms. Now he’s about to release ‘I Ran’, his debut two-track EP on the imprint.

“You need to know where you came from to know where you’re going. For my first original EP on Disco Halal, it’s time to go back to the middle eastern roots of the label. It’s a special track that has been the ace up my sleeve on countless dance floors across the globe. Accompanied by my fellow traveler’s Simple Symmetry on remix duties, I’m proud to release this two-sided work”, he commented.

Moscoman’s ‘I Ran’ will be out March 16th (Vinyl), and March 30th (Digital).

Listen to snippets below.

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