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Moscoman is the latest guest of Diynamic’s ‘Picture’ series

Following Lehar, Karmon and Undercatt.

On the fourth edition of Diynamic’s ‘Picture’ series the Hamburg-based label invites Israeli producer Chen Moscovici, better known as Moscoman, to deliver a special six-track package that will be available on September 28th.

The Disco Halal label founder, understands to not just create songs to make you dance, but also to infuse them with a multitude of emotions like longing, hope, melancholy or desire and he displays his attributes on this release.

This series of Diynamic Music is more than a simple EP, it is a document in time that shows the current style of an artist or that even goes back to a specific period of his career so that the listener can observe his growth and inspiration in each moment.

Listen to ‘Change’, Moscoman’s track included on the new ‘Picture’ edition.

Lista de temas:

1. Song For Bourdain
2. Let Me Take You Back
3. Shamaniac
4. Change
5. Night And Day
6. Under Your Wing



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