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Mount Mike premieres ‘Keep Dreamin’ video

The Australian artist invites us into his own nostalgic journey.

Melbourne-based DJ & producer Mount Mike released his track ‘Keep Dreamin’ back in December 2019, a beautiful slice of sun-soaked electronica, drenched in nostalgia and distant memories. Now, he shares the video to go with the music.

A place where synths bloom and grow into fantastical, gravity-defying emotions, ‘Keep Dreamin’ is a sublime reflection on growing up, while staying true to our inner child. The music video dives even deeper into nostalgia, weaving a relatable story of childhood memories and dreams through home video footage, taken from Mike’s own family collection.

“Growing up on a farm, my homeschooled upbringing nurtured a lot of creativity and wonder with the world. Sometimes it can be a battle not to lose touch with these things and ‘Keep Dreamin’ is an expression of exactly that – don’t stop dreamin’ and keep holding onto your excitement with the world around you”, says Mount Mike about his latest release.

The release is out now via Suckmusic. Watch the video below and grab your copy here.


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